Show AKO

This dance show invites you to dive into its warm and captivating world, in which three masked characters experience a metamorphosis. Their performance creates a stage in itself, a circular space drawn from a red thread distributed to the audience, an act that even spreads the dance into the crowd by inviting audience members to follow   a few steps in unison with thread in hand.

designed for public spaces...

AKO is a work inspired by the rhythms and expressivity of traditional Afro-Colombian dance through a contemporary perspective. The piece simultaneously celebrates femininity, joy and resilience. If desired, a complementary workshop for the general public exploring AKO’s world of dance can be offered in addition to the performance.
“Masked women in bright flowing skirts performing a sinuous routine inspired by Colombian dance — a vibrant visual feast…”

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“C’est une pièce qui est assez accessible, mais on amène aussi un côté poétique et fantastique dans les espaces publics…”
Journal Metro

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“In parks around Montreal you may see masked women with big skirts dancing around. If you see these dancers in action…”
Daybreak Montreal

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Choreographers / Interpreters : Yesenia Fuentes, Andrea Niño, Laurence Sabourin

Editing and sound creation : Parker Mah

– Short version : 2 x 20 minutes
– Long version : 40 minutes
– Cultural outreach activity : 30 min to 1 hour dance workshop inspired by the piece.
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External vision : Ariane Boulet

Mentor : Priscilla Guy et Karla Étienne

Costumes: Chantal Lafreniere et Manon Guiraud

Puppet Advisor : Céline Chevrier